The Great Shape Up Program

Spend more time together, more time communicating, and more time enjoying each other. Jennifer and her husband Dan designed this program so that you can “grow” together. Even if your partner has never expressed an interest in fitness or transforming their physique, they will now. Because when you do this program together, you’ll find you’re spending more time together. More time communicating. More time enjoying each other. You won’t just “co-exist,” you’ll have new-found common goals, common interests. Plus, when you feel good about your body…when you feel attractive again…your relationship will naturally grow stronger. This program is to do before or after your pregnancy--not during it.

Book/CD Combination
This combination is "must-have" for your overall fitness program! The book and audio CD cover the three core components necessary for your fitness and nutrition routine in detailed and easy-to-understand language. The Great Shape-Up is one of the few programs around that allows you, once you learn the basics, to modify your routine to fit your own schedule and goals. You’ll learn the secrets for success in weight training, cardiovascular workouts, and nutrition, resulting in greater fitness, better nutrition, and a healthier outlook on life!

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