Pray For Your Marriage

Pray For Your Marriage

praying couple

I won't lie to you. Our marriage has not been very easy for us the past 18 years. There are days that we struggle and want to walk out, but I continue to pray that God will heal us both completely. We live in a broken world and we are both broken people. It's not just one of us, but it is both of us. Fortunately, we are both committed and will not give up. I believe God has great plans for our marriage and that He will use our mess for His kingdom and His glory someday. But like I mentioned, the most important thing you can do is pray for your marriage.

Here are some pray points to start your conversations with God today.

Pray that you can except your husband/wife for who he is, you can't change him/her!

Be respectful to your husband and love your wife as Christ loved the church.

Pray that God will protect your marriage during the different seasons of life.

Pray for honesty in your marriage.

Pray for wisdom for being the godly wife/husband that God designed you to be.

Pray that you can treat your husband/wife with love and respect.

Pray that each of you would avoid tempting situations and only have eyes for one another.

Pray that your marriage will be fun and enjoyable.

Pray that you both stay committed to that covenant that you made before God.

Pray that it will never be hard to say "Will you forgive me for..."  and "I'm sorry, I was wrong," when you've hurt the other person.

Pray that God will help you to hold your tongue when he's driving or in other situations. (I'm really bad at this one!!)

Thank God for your husband and your family everyday! He/She is a gift to you from God.

Pray that you can be an encouragement to your husband/wife.

Pray that you can love him/her the way that God loves you...unconditionally.

I will be praying for your marriage. Please leave a prayer request on the prayer wall or send me an email if you have a special request.

Many Blessings!