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The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy eBook

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"My goal is to teach you how to have the healthiest, safest and most desirable pregnancy possible for both you and your baby." JP

"This is a must have if you if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, if you have suffered with infertility or a miscarriage, or if you just want to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible, then I highly recommend this book for you."  Dianne

Jennifer is excited to share her newly revised and updated eBook.

Here's What You’re Going to Learn:

  • Essential information to help you feel as good as possible during your pregnancy.
  • ŸEleven tips to cure morning sickness and all-day nausea.
  • The quick, easy way to settle your tummy when you experience indigestion or heartburn.
  •  ŸHow to eliminate embarrassing gas and painful bloating.
  •  One easy exercise to stop leg cramps.
  • Ÿ Stop constipation by using these easy tips.
  •  ŸHow I got relief from back pain in my third trimester.
  •  ŸSix tips for preventing hemorrhoids.
  •  How to say goodbye to the “pregnancy blues” and feel happier and more connected with God during your pregnancy.
  • ŸHow much weight should you gain during your pregnancy?
  • The best way to add calories so you don’t put on excess body fat (and how many calories you need to add for your growing baby).
  • ŸJennifer’s complete Healthy Eating Plan. Eliminates all the confusion and guesswork!
  • ŸThe best 87 “pregnancy foods” that provide the top nutrients you and your baby need for optimum health.
  • ŸSix foods that endanger your unborn baby!
  • ŸSample daily meals & snacks--one for each trimester.  Learn the best way to keep your body in shape and give your baby all the nutrition he needs.
  • ŸFive of Jennifer’s Favorite Recipes that you can whip up for your whole family to enjoy.
  •  How to zap those pregnancy food cravings
  • Why the old saying, “You’re eating for two” is the worst advice you can ever follow.
  • The Best 10 Tips to control food cravings and have a happy, healthy pregnancy.
  • ŸQuick and easy exercise secrets for having a healthy and fit pregnancy. You can do them anywhere, at anytime!
  • ŸGet better results, faster by using these “Ten Tips to Maximize Your Exercise Effectiveness.”
  • Six enormously beneficial exercises that help moms-to-be increase their flexibility and endurance, and have an easier delivery.  (Research also shows that by doing these exercises, you decrease the chances of having a premature birth or C-section.)
  • Completely safe activity routines for each trimester of your pregnancy.  Plus, step-by-step photos of all of the exercises (taken during Jen's 8th month).
  • Nine warnings you must not miss to ensure the safety and health of your baby and yourself, including which sports are dangerous to engage in while pregnant.
  • The “secret” exercise that strengthens your pelvic floor and promotes easier labor and delivery (backed by a medical journal).
  • Five ways to handle that constant tired feeling.
  • How to get comfortable sleeping, including a specially-designed prop for the last two trimesters.
  • The best position for sleeping in order to get the blood and nutrients flowing to your unborn baby.
  • The sleep position you need to avoid during your third trimester.
  • Lying awake?  Three completely safe cures for insomnia.
  • Answers about using sleep aids during pregnancy. Do you know what’s safe and what you must avoid? You will find out in this chapter.
  • Have some fun!  Take my Pregnancy IQ Quiz.  Who will score higher--your baby’s mother or your baby’s father?  Use this great tool to improve the communication between you and your husband.
  • Today’s mom-to-be is savvy to the real facts about pregnancy.  Put the old myths and urban legends to rest.  Learn how to separate fact from fiction.
  • Jennifer shares her personal story of giving birth to her son, and how she “beat the odds” and avoided a C-section.
  • How having a doula helped Jen's labor go 100% smoother.
  • Jen's “secret” for having less painful contractions.
  • The big debate: natural childbirth or not?  See what experts have to say about this hot topic.
  • Ten things you can do to have an easier labor.
  • The best kept secret for getting back into shape after you've had the baby!
  • A must have list on what to take to the hospital!  This will help you be ready and not forget any crucial items.
  • The 10 tips to help handle stress and find His peace.
  • Are you worried about having postpartum depression?  Discover the four things your brain needs to get your emotions back into balance so you don’t slip into that deep, dark hole. Yes, prayer, is one of them!
  • Nursing your baby--the five top benefits.  Plus, how to protect your own bones and teeth while you’re breastfeeding.

Thank you for your order. All proceeds go towards our Pray For Your Baby ministry.

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