Find Healing After a Miscarriage

Miscarriage Prayer

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Miscarriage can be a devastating time in your life. Maybe you had one recently or maybe it was many years ago. Either way, it hurts and you lost your baby. I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart breaks along side yours.

I cannot even pretend to understand how you must feel. It is so hard to know why God allows these things to happen to us. Both my younger sister and my mom have had two miscarriages each. And my aunt and my grandma each had a baby that lived only one day. I believe that God knows something about these babies that we do not. And I believe that He will never give us more than we can handle, even though right now it may not feel like that.

But please don’t ever give up hope. Jesus is still with you and loves you both more then you know. I pray that your heart does not turn from Him, but that you grow closer to Him during this difficult time.

Here is my prayer for you today if you have miscarried a baby:

Dear Lord,

Please send your comfort to this couple. Give them peace in knowing another precious one is in heaven because they made this life. Bless the love they have for one another and draw them closer together as they go through this hard time together. We pray that you give them rest and help them through each day, one day at a time.

This time of sadness and loss of their baby; Holy Spirit, wrap them in Your comfort. Give them peace in knowing their sweet baby is alive in heaven and that someday they will meet him or her. He/She will never experience trouble because this baby is with You. We know that their sweet angel is happy, and we receive that as comfort. Help this family through their grief.

Be close to them, Jesus.

In Your Mighty Name We Pray.


Please send me a note so I can pray for you also.



Living a Healthy Lifestyle

One thing to consider and I do feel strongly about is that God gave us very clear instructions on how to live a healthy lifestyle. If we do not take care of ourselves physically, by eating properly (good nutritious foods), exercising daily, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress, our bodies will break down and may not work properly. We all know that smoking and drinking alcohol is not ok during pregnancy. These can contribute to both infertility and miscarriage.

And please hear this-- I am not saying that if you eat healthy and exercise daily, that you will conceive right away or will not miscarry! Only God can determine whether or not we have our babies, but I do believe that He wants us to make a conscience effort to live a healthy life according to His plan. 

If you need some help in this department, please Click here for more information.


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