Will My Baby Come early?? Did yours??

(These are my Private journals from my 1st pregnancy)

My doctor said the baby might come early, so I thought this was the week. My work schedule has lightened up a bit and, just in case, I warned my clients that I may have to cancel their fitness session if I went into labor.

Of course they all understood. Everywhere I go, people ask when my baby is coming, and I tell them, “Hopefully, today!” Then they congratulate me and wish me luck. Every day I talk to the baby and encourage him, “Come out and meet the world. Mommy is ready for you!”

But it hasn’t happened yet. God is teaching me patience. I went to get my new driver’s license and had to wait more than two hours, so I left and came back and then discovered I’d missed my number.

So I sat there another hour and finally got my picture taken. What a pain. At least when I look at my photo, I know I’m not alone in it.

We also had our neighborhood barbeque this week. We’re blessed to have such great friends. We all watch out for each other, and we get together a couple times a year. The cookout was a lot of fun. They even bought me a cake with a stork on it. They are so thoughtful.

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