What’s Your Dream??

(These are the journals from my 1st pregnancy.)

For many years, our dream has been to move back to Hawaii and run our nonprofit organization called Agape Ranch (www.AgapeRanchHawaii.org), a week long oasis for cancer patients, the children with the Make A Wish Foundation, Wounded Warriors , or Pastors and their families. Our goal is to bring people from around the globe to our ranch in Hawaii for a week of learning, support, relaxation and healing. Once it's up and running, we want to encourage people to live healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise classes, and to give them a fun, amazing, exciting, and relaxing week on the Big Island of Hawaii. Most importantly, we want to introduce them to Jesus Christ if they do not know Him. That’s our long-term dream—to show people how amazing Our Father in heaven truly is! What’s your dream???


  1. Barbara

    My Dream right now? BABY!!! We had tried for 8 years, got pregnant and then lost the baby in the second trimester. That was eight years ago. We gave up because we lost hope. April 17/2010 God brought some dear ladies, Prayer Warriors who did not know our story (maybe bits of it). God lead them to pray for us to have a baby. At first I struggled because I did not want to hope. In my mind hope dissapoints. Within 48 hours God transformed my heart and deposited deep deep hope. Since then He has contined to speak the word and bring resources into my path. Today He said “Its time” and He lead me to buy the book “Praying Through Your Pregnancy”. I just finished my period Sunday. LOL.

    Bring her on God! Your timing.

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