What will my Baby look like???

(These are my private journals from my first pregnancy.) It’s week seven and I just started my video journal this week, to record all the details of my pregnancy. I am getting more excited about having a baby! I wonder what he/she will look like. I bet he'll have dark hair like his father. And what color eyes? Probably brown, like both of ours. Will he have a dimple like me? I can't wait to see my baby's face! I know I’m going to go crazy with the camera once our little one makes his appearance, I love photography.

It's December now, and we'll be going to visit Dan's sister in California for Christmas this year. It should be fun, but I wish we were going to see my family in Hawaii, too. I really want to be with my mom during this time. I have a lot of questions, and if anyone can answer them it's her—she's had seven kids!

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  1. What a great resource!

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