The Best Baby Shower Ever!!!

(These are my private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) My friend Claire threw me a baby shower Hawaiian style. It was the best ever!! Everything had a tropical theme, from the napkins and plates right down to the slipper mat at the front door. Everyone wore pink and white plumeria leis. Claire created a gorgeous tropical fruit salad and a smorgasbord of other Hawaiian treats. She really went overboard. I felt so special. I received the most beautiful gifts, even a homemade baby quilt. My parents sent adorable baby outfits for me to open at the shower. Of course I cried. I wish they could have been here. After it was over, we loaded up my Nissan and—wouldn’t you know it—everything wouldn’t fit inside. It was hilarious! My neighbor had to transport some of the gifts home for me. This was an extra special day for me. I feel so blessed that my friends would go to this much thought and effort for me and my baby. This baby is getting more and more real to me, especially looking at the clothes he will wear and the baby gear he’ll use. This baby will certainly be loved . . . by a lot of people!


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