Should I Use a Doula??

(These are the journals from my 1st pregnancy.)

A big snowfall blew in, so we made the best of it and went sledding. I was very careful and just went down the little hills, but I’m sure the baby liked it—he was kicking up a storm!

Another significant event of the week was finding our doula. [A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and informational support to the woman who is expecting. The doula’s role is to help women have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience. –American Pregnancy Association] Her name is Janet, and she is from Hawaii too.. She will be helping me before, during and after the birth. We really clicked, so I think I’m going to like having her help me during this very special time. I know that God has placed her in my life for a reason. Not sure what the reason is yet, but this is a God-thing. I just know it.

Another person who has been a tremendous help to me is my dear friend Betty, my massage therapist. Her daughter went to school with my little brother.  She is a mother of three herself, and during my massage sessions, she gives me a pep talk about how beautiful I am pregnant and how great a mom I’m going to be. She has been a godsend, helping me get through this time with a positive attitude. Did you use a doula or have a special person help during your birth ??

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