Screening For Down’s Syndrome? Did you??

(These are the journals from my 1st pregnancy.)

I heard a tragic story today. One of my friends has a friend who was expecting a baby, and tests indicated that her baby had Down’s syndrome. Her husband wanted to terminate the pregnancy; of course, the mother did not. This caused such a conflict between them that they ended up getting divorced. The woman went on to have the baby by herself, and the baby was born perfectly, 100 percent normal. How sad. The false results of the test really messed up their lives.

I’m thankful that Dan and I were in agreement and prayed together when we got our “Big Scare”. If I have another baby, I’ll never do that blood test again. The stress it put on my body was awful and, in the end, it provided no benefit. Please don’t take my journal entries the wrong way. Every pregnancy is different. Your body is unique, and each baby develops at a different pace. I would never presume to tell another mom-to-be whether or not she should take a certain test; that’s between you, your doctor and God. But pray about it and make the choice that’s right for you.

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  1. Lauren LeBas

    I am going through the “Big Scare” right now. I was told that I have a 1:49 chance that my baby has DS. I hope that my outcome is as wonderful as these stories.

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