Pregnant During Christmas

(These are my private journals from my first pregnancy.) It's week nine, the week of Christmas, and I'm feeling pretty emotional this week. Maybe it's because we're not going to Hawaii to see my family this year. We'll be with Dan's family, and I love them too, but it's just not the same. Christmas is a special time of year for us. Dan loves Christmas more than any other holiday because it represents the birth of our Savior, Jesus. We start decorating in early November, so we have a good six weeks to enjoy the lights and tree before we leave for our vacation around December 15. This year will be a little different, and next year will be even better—we will have a son or daughter to celebrate with!! It will be so amazing to have a little 5-month old to share the joy of Christmas with. I just can't wait! I pray that our son/daughter loves this special holiday as much as we do.


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