It’s Week 41—My Baby is never Coming Out!!

(These are my Private journals from my 1st pregnancy)

It’s week 41, and I can hardly hold back the tears. He’s never coming out!

I was convinced I would have my baby early, well before the due date. So when my due date came and went, I was so frustrated. I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock, but more than that, I was so overly ready that I didn’t have much to do in those last two weeks except wait and wait and wait.

Each minute of each day, all I do is think about this baby coming. I was so used to making goals for myself and then setting out to achieve them, one by one. This was a goal also, in a way, but one that I didn’t have as much control over.

As I made my video journal on my due date, I commented about how I was supposed to have had my baby by now. Then, when I did the video a week later, I actually just burst into tears—hardly able to comprehend why I hadn’t given birth already!

Dear Lord, will I ever meet my baby??

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