How to Raise Great Children In This World Today – Part 1

Do you often get complimented on your kids’ behavior? Can you take your children with you into a fancy restaurant and not worry that they will embers you  by speaking rudely? Can you go to church and not worry about you little one having a temper tantrum while your pastor is praying?

These are questions that many mom’s are proud to say that they do not have to worry about....or at least not very ofter. We all have bad days, but do your children listen and repeat you?

I first want to say that my kids are not perfect by any means!!! They have gone through phases of testing me, not listening to their authority, and being disrespectful. As you know my children are now 8 and almost 11. But one think I always expected out of them was to behave and to have manners.

I believe as a mother that it is my job to teach them what is appropriate to do and what is not. That means a lot of responsibility is upon us moms to raise the next generation of “polite-giving-honest-loving-caring-grateful” human beings.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you what my mother (who has 7 children) has taught me over other years. I want to discuss a few of what I think are the most important values and beliefs that we need to teach our children in this world today to help shape their lives here on earth and beyond!


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