How I Told My Husband

The day I found out that I was pregnant was such an amazing feeling, but the day I told my husband was even better! I never thought I’d get the reaction that I did from him… It’s Wednesday, the Day before Thanksgiving:  My homemade card with the baby announcement inside is all ready to give Dan. I'm so excited; I just can't wait any longer! I know he won't be expecting this right now, and I can't wait to see his face when he reads the card. I just have to tell him. OK, I've made a decision... I'm giving him the card TONIGHT! November 25th, Thanksgiving Day. Dan was so surprised!!! Last night went better than I had ever dreamed. After a long day at work, Dan came home and I had just finished making dinner. He went into the bathroom to wash his hands and I slipped the card onto his plate. It said “To Daddy” on the envelope. As he sat down, he saw the card and he started crying! He couldn’t believe that he was finally going to be a daddy! And his first word’s were “How, how???”. We had both thought that there was no way we could get pregnant and according to the charts, we couldn’t! God had truly done a miracle! We cried and laughed together along with our birdies (we have Eclectus parrots) and had a fun night talking about our baby-to-be! We fell asleep praying for our little baby and thanking God for this incredible gift!

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