High Risk Pregnancy Because of Age??

(These are my Private journals from my 1st pregnancy)

They finished our new hardwood floors, and they’re beautiful. Yea! My husband can be very convincing at times. I never saw people work so hard and so fast. It was just like the remodel of our basement.

Dan called the crew every day to make sure they showed up and did what they were supposed to do.

And you know what? I’m so glad we did it.

Once all the dust and fumes were cleared out and I got the place all cleaned up, it looked fantastic. I know it will be a lot healthier for my allergies and for the new baby.

This week was also my thirty-fifth birthday. I can’t believe I’m 35..which makes me “high-risk”. I hate that term!!

I remember that when I was a teen, the summers never seemed to end. It feels kind of like that with this pregnancy—like it’s been forever.

And yet, I have only three weeks to go!!! (Unless the baby comes early!!!!!)

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