Feeling Queasy, Not Fun!

(My private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) Well, I’ve gained a couple more pounds, but I’m not “showing” yet. And I started feeling a little queasy this week, and I can’t have that. I still am working full time and I have a very busy schedule this month. I did figure out that if I eat my spelt crackers before I get out of bed that they seem to help calm my tummy. The worst thing I can do is not have any food in my stomach. I’ve been walking a lot more and still trying to eat healthy, but I’m defiantly eating more carbohydrates. Lots of bread and crackers. Lord, why must this take soooo long. It feeling like I’ve been pregnant forever and I’m only 12 weeks along. This is going by very slowly and I’m not a very patient person. Please give me patience and bless my baby this week. Amen.

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