Do You Have “Pregnancy Mask”?

(These are my private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) I’m definitely on the home stretch now. Dan tells me I’m doing so well, and he’s not sure he would have handled all the physical changes as well as I have; and frankly, I have to agree. But anyway, it feels good to have a husband who appreciates me. Our house is all torn up now and everything is taped off with plastic to help prevent the dust from spreading during the remodel. It’s keeping Dan busy, and I think it helps him cope with the anxiousness of waiting for our baby’s birth. This is something he can control. Plus, he wants everything to be nice and in order for the beginning of our new family, and it’s something he can be proud of, something that he’s done for us.

I’ve been sleeping downstairs in the new guest room/office because it’s nice and cool down there. I had to take our two parrots to the vet to board for the week, as they can’t be around the dust or poisonous fumes. We’ve been airing out the house every night for them, me and for the baby.

I had another appointment with my nurse, and she said I looked great and the baby does too. I’m growing to like her a lot. She’s very kind, and she doesn’t push me to do any tests I don’t agree with. One thing I wish I could get help with are these spots on my face. They call it the “pregnancy mask”; or doctors refer to it as melasma or choasma. I know it’s due to hormones, but it sure looks funny. I hope my baby has flawless skin.

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