Do You Have a Birth Plan??

(These are my private journals from my 1st pregnancy.)

I was able to get outside for walks more this week, and the exercise felt great. Something funny happened too. My friends gave me a jogging stroller for a baby gift, and since I don’t have a baby to fill it yet, for added resistance I popped a 15-pound bag of birdseed in the stroller. Then I pushed it up and down the hills around our neighborhood for a great workout. It just so happened that a senior couple was out for a stroll, and when they saw me coming up the road with the baby jogger, they got excited. They wanted to stop and peek at the cute baby! When they looked in and saw the bag of birdseed, well, the look on their faces was priceless. They were quite confused until I explained I was still pregnant and out for some exercise. We all had a good laugh!

Another thing we did this week was create my birth plan. My doula Janet, Dan, and I sat outside on the patio and discussed all of our options for the birth. The purpose is to be fully prepared and therefore avoid any misunderstanding later. It feels good to know that I have choices when it comes to my baby’s birth.

Here are some get lists and downloads, including what to take to the hospital.


  1. Cheree


    Your book says to print out a free, wasy-to-use birth plan go to your website. Where is it or can you send me a copy?

    Your Sister in Christ


  2. Jennifer

    Look at “What to Take to the Hospital” on the Pregnancy page. Many prayers and Blessings to you.

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