Remodeling While Pregnant??

(These are my private Journals from my 1st pregnancy).

I’m already enjoying the gifts from my baby shower last week. It was so much fun sorting through all the adorable clothes and putting them away in the baby’s dresser.

It’s been so hot lately, more than 100 degrees! I went and got a great little baby pool to cope with the heat. One of my favorite things to do is sit in the cool water and just relax. So here I am, 35 weeks pregnant, in a swimsuit, in my new little baby pool in the backyard—my poor neighbors! I sure wish I had a picture of that.

This week is Father’s Day, and Dan announced he’s proceeding with the rest of the remodel plans. What on earth is he thinking? Oh boy!

Dear Lord,

Please let this week be a good week. Help me not to worry about the little stuff but to be grateful that my husband wants to better the house for me and my baby. Please let this remodel go quickly and smoothly.  And help them finish before the baby arrives.

In Jesus’ name,


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