Depression During Pregnancy

(I’m continuing to share my private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) Well that was not my best Christmas. I was soooooo depressed. What’s wrong with me? I cried almost the whole time and Dan’s mom and sister thought I was nuts! Well, I was. Normally I’m a happy go lucky person, but not this time. I felt bad but I think I ruined their Christmas too. I hope I get over this depression soon. It must be the hormones but I really hate that I’m feeling so down gaining weight so quickly. (Somebody commented on it which made me feel even worse!) I need to keep telling myself that it’s for the baby and just keep praying. I know that deep down I need to gain a good amount of weight but we all struggle with something and mine is weight. Lord, please help me not to feel this way, I want to be happy about my pregnancy. I know this is a blessing from you and I will lean on you. Amen.

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