Daddy Dan is Nesting!!!

(These are the journals from my 1st pregnancy.)

Daddy Dan is nesting this week! I thought I’d be the one to nest, but it’s definitely him. He has finished the entire basement and put in a large gym where we can train our clients; he has added an office/guest room and installed a full bathroom. The entire remodel took less than three weeks to complete because Dan acted as the foreman and called the guys every day to make sure they showed up and worked. As if that wasn’t enough, now he’s talking about ripping out the carpet in the living room and bedrooms, replacing it and then installing hardwood floors in the entire upstairs.

It’s sweet of him, because he wants to do it for my benefit. He says it will help eliminate the bad allergic reactions I have to dust and molds and will keep our house a lot cleaner. I’m sure he’s right, but the thought of a construction crew working in the house right now is not appealing, though it would be nice to have it done. Did your husband nest while you we’re pregnant?

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