Cravings During Pregnancy???

(My private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) Food has always been a sensitive issue for me since I’m limited on what I can eat due to allergies. I also maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, but during this pregnancy, I’ve  splurged a little. Once in a while is okay for mom and baby. This week I’ve been craving lots of bread and pasta. It’s really funny, because I was driving past Macaroni Grill the other day, one of our favorite restaurants, and I had never gone in to eat there by myself, but then I thought, why not? I sat down and the nice waiter brought me a warm loaf of their yummy bread with olive oil and a tall glass of water. My feast began. I ordered a house salad and a dish of angel hair pasta with the meat sauce. I NEVER order pasta, and I rarely eat red meat! But it was so-o-o good! I called Dan to tell him where I was, and I think he got a little jealous.

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