BABY is still not here!! What should I do??

(These are my Private journals from my 1st pregnancy)

I kept my calendar open this week for the baby to come. My due date was on Monday and now it’s Friday. Still there’s no sign of the baby.

What’s going on? I feel like I’m going to be pregnant FOREVER.

He was supposed to be here on the twenty-fifth of July or sooner, according to the doctors. I keep walking on the trails behind my house, trying to help this baby along. I tried some completely safe natural remedies that people swear by, like eating spicy foods, but all that did was make my tummy upset!

I called Betty, my massage lady, to come over and try to help this baby along, too, but that didn’t work either. It did make me relax though, and she assured me that the baby would be here in God’s time, not ours. I know she’s right. Every pregnancy is different, every labor is different and every birth is different. God knows what He is doing.

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