Are You Swimming For Exercise??

(These are my private journals from my 1st pregnancy.) I had a very busy workweek. It’s getting harder and harder to hand my clients the weights now that I’m in my third trimester. I actually have them pick up their own weights sometimes if they are too heavy for me.

Also, my feet have been sore, especially my right heel, so I’d better get some new shoes soon. But this was a fun weekend for me. My girlfriends and I went up to the spa at Cordillera in Vail, Colorado. The lodge was inspired by a chateau in Belgium, and it’s nestled right below the steep, snow-capped mountains. There are walking trails, indoor and outdoor pools, and the most beautiful pink-orange sunsets at night. One of my friends has a beautiful home there, so we had a sleepover at her house. I got to swim—something I haven’t had an opportunity to do since Hawaii, and it felt great! I wish I had a pool or the ocean nearby—I’d be in it every day!

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