40 Weeks—My First Journey Through Pregnancy

40 Weeks—My First Journey Through Pregnancy.

(All journals are taken from my book Praying Through Your Pregnancy)

Pregnancy use to scare me. My mom was always pregnant, or so it seemed. I was the 2nd eldest of 7 children. As a teenager, all I could remember was my mom walking around fat and pregnant—again! In my 20‘s I was so into myself that I never wanted to have children. I vowed I’d “never have kids” or “that it wasn’t for me”.

I am so glad that God had other plans for me. Now I have a son who’s 4 and a daughter who’s 19 months. I’ve experienced a love that I never thought was possible and learned to love God in a new and father like way. My journey through pregnancy wasn’t an easy one for me. I struggled with weight issues in my teens and early twenties and never wanted to be “fat”. I looked at pregnant women and thought “why would they let themselves look like that”. I was so young and naive.

Finally at 35, having been married for over 5 years, my husband and I decided that it was finally time to “start a family”.  I was so scared that I would “get fat”. I had been a health and fitness trainer all of my life and had competed in fitness contests for years. In my mind, I was giving up a lot to get pregnant. I struggled with, “my husband doesn’t have to worry about his body changing. He’s not getting fat”. I had such a poor self body image.

So I began to pray… I prayed for peace with this issue for what seemed like an eternity. And you know what, God answered my prayers and I got through not one, but 2 pregnancies!! For me, that was a BIG accomplishment. I then began to realize that God really does care and HE answers my prayers. I am going to share with you my 40 week journey through my first pregnancy, really it turned out to be 42!! Oh my gosh. I’m going to share with you my private journals of my ups and downs and my highs and lows of what took place during that special time in my life and how God become more really to me than ever before. I’m also going to share with you the special prayers that I prayed for my son and how I can see them coming true each and every day. God is good and He is real. He will hear your prayers for your baby. I promise!!

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