Do you want your children to learn about the Bible as well as their letters, shapes, colors, spelling, and counting?

Jennifer did, so she started Bible Smart Kids and created BibleMats©.

For a limited time, we are offering all 8 (front and back) of these beautifully hand drawn BibleMat© learning placemats as a download for only $9.95. (Normally priced at $24.95)

Click the button to purchase your BibleMats today.You will receive an email with instant access to your downloads. 

**All sales go to support Pray For Your Baby Ministries.

All you need to do is: download, print, and laminate! Make sure to use a dry eraser on them! We recommend printing and laminating the BibleMats© at Office Max or Staples, size 11 x 17. Make sure to put the front and backsides together properly. And don't worry, there will be no title ( across the downloads!

Were's what you get:

The Creation BibleMat©- Have fun teaching your children how our amazing God created the heavens and the earth in just 7 days. They will also learn their colors on this Biblemat.




The 10 Commandments BibleMat©- Your children can fill in the blanks as they read, memorize, and learn to spell. They will also learn the most important laws of the Bible, the Ten Commandments!

Baby Moses BibleMat©- This amazing story of Moses will capture your children's attention as they search for different shapes, learn their colors, and practice counting.