Welcome to Pray For Your Baby Ministries! If you are like me, you believe that praying for your baby is vital. When I became pregnant with my first child, I began to say baby prayers for my child that was growing inside of me. As soon as my baby arrived, I could see that God had heard my prayers. Twelve  years ago, I was a new Christian and I didn't realize the power of praying for my unborn child until after he was born. God had heard and answered my prayers and He wants to do the same for you today!

When my son was about 2 years old, God spoke to me and told me to share my story with other moms-to-be. Pray For Your Baby Ministries was born and now I'm excited to share with you my new expanded website so you can Pray For Your Son or Pray For Your Daughter as well! I hope you enjoy these prayers and make sure to sign up for the free weekly pregnancy prayers  if you are expecting. And don't forget to leave a prayer request on our world-wide Prayer Wall!


We are also excited to announce that Pray For Your Baby Ministries has teamed up with the You Version Bible App and you can now read Jen's new powerful 14- Day Pregnancy Prayer Plan that is featured on the most popular Bible App in the world! Over 250,365,000 users have installed this Bible App on their smartphones and tablets. Click here for Jen's new 14-Day Pregnancy Prayer Plan. We pray that these will be a blessing to you and your baby!


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No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, NOW is the time to start praying for your baby! Join me today and begin praying for His power and protection over your precious baby's life. Please click the subscribe button below, and on the subscription page, indicate what week of pregnancy you are in. I will send you weekly prayers specific to your baby's stage of development throughout your entire pregnancy. What greater gift can you give your unborn child than to pray for his or her body, soul and spirit as it develops?


Jen's Blog

Throughout my pregnancy I kept a weekly pregnancy journal and I share them with you here in my blog. I hope these will encourage, inspire and motivate you to pray for your baby during your nine months of pregnancy. Please feel free to send me a comment!

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    Find Healing Through Prayer 

    Healing BannerOver the years, I have gone through different seasons of healing. Past abuse and sin in my life needed to be dealt with. I went through many hours of counseling, which was much needed and a blessing, but sometimes, God will use a simple prayer to set us free from the guilt that we hold onto from our past.

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