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Welcome to the all new Pray For Your Baby Ministry site. When I became pregnant with my first child, I began to say baby prayers for my little baby that was growing inside of me. As soon as he arrived, I could see that God had heard my prayers. While I was pregnant, I didn't really realize that praying for my unborn child could impact him so much later on in his life. Maybe I was naive or had a lack of faith, but when he was around two years old, I was amazed at what God had done! I clearly heard God speak to me, telling me that He wanted me to share my story with other moms-to-be. Now I’m excited for you to experience praying for your unborn child with me in my book, Praying Through Your Pregnancy.

Baby Prayers for Each Stage of Development during Pregnancy

I prayed for everything I could possibly think of during those nine (really 10) months of pregnancy. Because of this, I grew so much closer to God. I prayed for the basics like health, joy and wisdom. But that was just the beginning.

Each week, I researched to find out what was developing in my baby's body and I prayed specifically for that body part. I then took it a step further and began to pray for what kind of person my child would grow up to be, for his future spouse who was probably not even born yet and for her parents. My list just kept growing. I know that we serve a real God and that nothing is too big or too small for Him!

And do you know what? God did hear and answer my prayers for my son. More than any other thing, I asked God to fill him with wisdom, joy, compassion toward others and for him to be Christ-like. My son has wisdom beyond his years and is filled with both joy and compassion for others.

Each day, God is teaching me something about Himself through my children, about compassion and grace; about unconditional love and about trust. And now that Micah is an older brother, he too has learned about the power of prayer! During my second pregnancy, Micah prayed each day for his little sister. God did an incredible thing again when Malia Grace arrived. He answered our prayers for this little girl, just as I knew He would.

Read My Book, Praying Through Your Pregnancy

Praying Through Your Pregnancy,was a result of my prayers and journaling throughout my pregnancies. My wish is to share my experiences so you can learn how your prayers to God can affect the healthy development of your baby.
Or, if you already have a little one, my latest book, Praying Through Your Child's Early Years has just been nominated for Christian Retailing's BEST Awards 2013. I pray it will be a blessing to you!
Many Blessings,
Jennifer Polimino

Weekly Prayers

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, now is the time to start praying for your baby. Start now and begin praying for His power and protection over your precious baby's life.

Please fill out the form below, indicating what week of pregnancy you are in and I'll send you weekly prayers specific to your baby's stage of development throughout your pregnancy. What greater gift can you give your unborn child than to pray for his or her body, soul and spirit as it develops?

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